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Volume 7 - Issue 1 |May, 2016|


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Volume 5 - Issue 2 | July, 2014 |

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Francisco Dias

Sofia Eurico
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Tourism jobs and subjective well-being at work: a cross-national analysis
Marlena A. Bednarska
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Employee behaviors creating customer satisfaction: A comparative case study on service encounters at a hotel
Oguz Turkay, Serkan Sengul
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Cooperation with the environment as one of the basic elements concerning the activity of the present-day DMO
Jacek Borzyszkowski
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The role of social embeddedness in tourist region cooperation
Katarzyna Czernek
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Event tourism analysis and state of the art
José Manuel Hernández-Mogollón, José Antonio Folgado-Fernández, Paulo Alexandre Oliveira Duarte
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Segmenting wine festival attendees by level of wine knowledge to enhance future destination Marketing strategies 
Harsha E. Chacko, David Pearlman
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The economic impacts of subculture events and the relation with local tourism development: The case of steel warriors rebellion Barroselas metalfest in northern Portugal
Jorge Coelho, Miguel Brázio
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Examining the importance of culture, gender and individual differences in customers
A. Scott Rood, Joanna Dziadkowiec
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