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Volume 7 - Issue 1 |May, 2016|


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Volume 5 - Issue 3 | November, 2014 |

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Francisco Dias

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An ethic code for European hotels: The two sides of the coin
Sofia Teixeira Eurico, Fernanda Oliveira, Hilde Hoefnagels
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Corporate entrepreneurship in hotel firms
Maria de Lurdes Calisto
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The effects of high-performance work practices on critical performance outcomes: Evidence from the hotel industry
Osman M. Karatepe, Sarvnaz Baradarani, Hossein Olya, Shiva Ilkhanizadeh, Ali Raoofi
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Internationalization of tourism management in Polish cities: Strategies, marketing and structures
Piotr Zmyślony
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The compliance of tourism education with industry needs in Latvia
Agita Donina, Ineta Luka
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Turning satisfaction into loyalty: The case of Lithuanian tourists
Lina Pilelienė, Viktorija Grigaliūnaitė
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The role of promotion in tourists’ decision to partake in a cultural route: The case study of “The Trail of Roman Emperors”
Sanja Božić, Dejan Berić, Nemanja Tomić
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