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Volume 7 - Issue 1 |May, 2016|


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Volume 6 - Issue 1 | March, 2015 |

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Editor's note 

Francisco Dias

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Communities of followers in tourism twitter accounts of European countries

Konstantinos Antoniadis, Kostas Zafiropoulos
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Dark tourism in context: the diary of anne frank

Graham Busby, Miss Helen Devereux
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Mythical references in the tourist image:
the case of ibiza

María del Carmen Azpelicueta Criado, José Ramón Cardona, Antoni Serra Cantallops
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Capital cities tourism image: is it fragmented?
Raquel Camprubí
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The relationship between leisure resource information and regional well-being: a gis approach

Weismayer Christian, Ponocny Ivo
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Abusive supervision - a form of workplace harassment: an exploratory study in the ecuadorian hospitality industry

Hubert B. Van Hoof, Shi (Tracy) Xu, Ana Lucia Serrano, Leonardo Torres 
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Accountable management in Spanish hotels: An exploratory analysis of the stakeholders’ relationships

Ana Gessa-Perera, Maria del Amor Jiménez-Jiménez
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Conference Report - The VII International Tourism Congress - The Image and Sustainability of Tourist Destinations

2-4 December 2014, Muscat ‐ Sultanate of Oman
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