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Volume 7 - Issue 1 |May, 2016|


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VOLUME 2 - Issue 2 |JULY 2011|

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Editor's note
Francisco Dias, Paulo Alcobia, Sofia Eurico
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Socioeconomic development in rural areas through the creation of tourist routes: An olive tourism approach in the Jaén province (Spain)
Tomás López-Guzmán,Virgilio González-Fernández
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Seasonal changes on resort patronage in cross river State – Nigeria
Eja Eja, Anim Ajake, Violet Effiom, Bernadette Ndomah
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Everest tourism: Forging links to sustainable mountain development. A critical discourse on politics of places and peoples
Sundar Kumar Sharma, Prabin Manandhar, Sarba Raj Khadka
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Expectations and perceived quality of customer service:The model of expectations management of the quality of health and wellness tourism destination
Filipa Carvalho
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Image and positioning of the European tourism market from the perspective of spanish tourists
Sérgio Lopes, José Silva
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Reciprocity, hospitality and tourism: An examination of Marshal Sahlins’s contributions
Maximiliano Korstanje
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The importance of the consumption of semiotic signs for the competitiveness of the tourist destinations
Fernando Santos, Ana Marques
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Fiction series as strategic component of the leisure and entertainment industry
José Antonio Fraiz, Noelia Araújo Vila, Lorena Rodríguez Campo
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