Volume 2 - Issue 3 - November 2011 European Journal of Tourism Hospitality and Recreation
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VOLUME 2 - Issue 3 |November 2011|

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Editor's note
Francisco Dias, Paulo Alcobia, Sofia Eurico
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Examing the formation of attitudinal, conative and behavioural loyalty: An empirical analysis in the hotel industry
Dwi Suhartanto, Michael Clemes, David Dean, Anthony Brien
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Competitive choice dimensions of golf destinations: A multivariate perceptual mapping analysis
João Paulo Jorge, Carlos Monteiro
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Online content mining technologies for the cruise industry: State-of-the-art and acceptance
Karsten Sohns,Michael H. Breitner, Alexix Papathanassis
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One flew over the brands' nest: Rethinking destination brand concept
Francisco Dias, Isabel Andrés Marques

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A conceptual examination of the film induced tourism phenomenon in Ireland
Noëlle O'Connor
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Physiologically equivalent temperature as a factor for tourism in extreme climate regions in the Russian far east: Preliminary results
Elena Grigorieva, Andreas Matzarakis
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Science and tourism education: National observatory for tourism education
Manuel Salgado, Carlos Costa
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