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Volume 7 - Issue 1 |May, 2016|


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Volume 3 - Issue 1 |March, 2012|

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Editor's note - From Science to the Market, via Ethics
Francisco Dias
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A quantitative approach of the tourism area life cycle
Júlio Coelho, Richard Butler
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Tourist’s satisfaction, image or emotions?
Manuel Rey-Moreno, Cayetano Medina-Molina, Ramón Rufín-Moreno
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The effects of implementing “Q for Quality” on the business performance
José Álvarez García, José A. Fraiz Brea, María del Río Rama
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Education and ecotourism: A framework and analysis of education in ecolodges in Costa Rica and Panama
Gregory E. Osland, Robert Mackoy
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Issues on tourism and marine resources’ employability: A challenge for higher education?
Sofia Eurico, Fernanda Oliveira, Sílvia C. Gonçalves, Sónia Pais
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Postcards: A geographic approach of the diffusion of the landscapes in the territories
Jean-Baptiste Litot, Jean-Christophe Foltête
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Wine-blogs influence and blogs’ community connectivity: a social network analysis
Kostas Zafiropoulos
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Diversification as a livelihood strategy in a touristic place of nepal
Suman Pandit
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