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Volume 7 - Issue 1 |May, 2016|


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Volume 3 - Special Issue |October, 2012|

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Editor's note - Special Issue - 5TH INTERNATIONAL TOURISM CONGRESS – ITC’11
Francisco Dias
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How do organic farmers view tourism?
Xosé A. Armesto-López , Ma Belén Gómez-Martín
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Innovation, e-commerce and state
Ana Augusto
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The legacy of transhumance in the national park of abruzzo,
lazio and molise (Italy)
Maria Avram, Luca Zarrilli
Full text (pdf)

The municipalization of tourism and qualification of human resources
João Gomes, Manuel António Salgado, José Martins
Full text (pdf)

Weather, climate and tourist behavior
Emilio Martínez-Ibarra, M. Belén Gómez-Martín
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Financial assessment of performance in the hotel industry
Catarina Nunes, Maria João Machado
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Coastal Tourism Development and Sustainability
practices in Pattaya, Thailand
Lei Tin Jackie Ong
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Benefits of group dynamics in personal and social development
Elsa Ramos, Patrícia Marques
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Sustainable tourism development
Wafaa Nasser, Myriam Donsimoni
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Touristic groups in Azores
Luís Silveira
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The evolution of the image of spain as a tourist destination
Marta Plumed Lasarte
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Tourist experience - metamorphic expectations and experiences
in tourist’s personal development
Vânia Salvador, Sérgio Araújo
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Innovation in the hotel industry
Antonio Martínez-López, Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez
Full text (pdf)

Religious tourism
Aida Carvalho
Full text (pdf)

Tourists' satisfaction with Santiago de Compostela
during the holy year 2010
Fidel Martinez Roget, Ewa Pawlowska
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21St Century Cascais
Cristina Carvalho
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