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Volume 7 - Issue 1 |May, 2016|


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Volume 3 - Issue 3 | November, 2012 |

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Francisco Dias

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Detection of high impact tourist events in Piemonte region, Italy
Roberto Fontana, Giovanni Pistone
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The economic effects of taxing tourist accommodation
Beatriz Lacomba Arias, José Benítez-Rochel
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Investigating transactional philanthropy in the hospitality industry: An Exploratory Study Studying “Hotels that Help” Guest Donation Program
Colin Johnson, Mehmet Ergul, Miriam Scaglione
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Exploring business opportunities in marine affairs: A feasibility study for submersible research tourism
Alex W. Adams
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High cuisine restaurants: Empirical evidences from a research in Italy
Angelo Presenza, Simone Iocca
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The importance of celebrity association in tourism destination branding: Determining the power of the JFK brand in New Ross (County Wexford, Ireland)
Noëlle O’Connor, Sinéad O’Leary
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Souvenirs and territorial representations: A case study in Santiago de Compostela
David Santomil Mosquera, Rubén Camilo Lois González
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Social entrepreneurship: A Hospitality and Tourism Perspective

Mehmet Ergul, Colin Johnson, Denise Kleinrichert
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Tourist experience: Contemporary perspectives edited by Richard Sharpley and Philip R. Stone

Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez
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